Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mason jar soap dispenser

I came across a post on Pinterest that I just loved and had to have. Who wouldn't love a mason jar soap dispenser in their kitchen?


It is no wonder I was instantly in love. However, paying $17.00 for one, not so thrilling. So whats a girl to do? Well Make my own of course!

I headed on over to hobby lobby and got a mason Jar during a week when they are 50% off. Which, just in case you didn't know, half the store is on sale one week and the other half the next. So if something you want isn't on sale wait a week.

The next step is the only difficult part. Figure out how to get a hole in the lid of the jar. I tried getting a screw driver and hitting it through with a hammer, which did work sort of but did not make a big enough hole. So I had my fiance drill one for me then used the screw driver to stretch it until it was big enough. The hole does not have to be a perfect circle. It just has to be big enough for the soap dispenser to fit through and small enough for the top of the dispenser to cover it.

I found my soap dispenser at target. It was on clearance for a dollar and I just tossed the bottom part in the trash since it was cracked. You can use the top of any soap dispenser for this. Even one from Bath and Body works. you will need to slide the bottom part through the lid and check to see if it is the right length then trip away any excess till it fits.

Then you want to turn it upside down on the jar. You are going to need a hot glue gun or some super glue for this part. Glue the bottom of the lid to the dispenser. You want to make sure you put enough glue to make it stay put but not enough to be messy. This part will be inside the jar so it will not effect the look of the soap dispenser.

You will want to leave it upside down to dry. Once it is dry you should not be able to separate the lid and the dispenser. As you can see I really layered the glue on there just to be sure that it would stay. The first time I glued it was not enough to keep it from separating so make sure you check and add more if needed.

Now you can flip it over, screw the top back on and be done. If you want it to be tinted a color you can mix some food coloring and modge podge and paint the jar on the outside. You could also do a solid paint on the outside if you do not want to see in. I loved how it looked clear since I was leaving it i the kitchen but if I make one for monkey mans bathroom I will tint it blue to match.

The last step, you need to pick a soap. I love bath and body works kitchen lemon soap. The smell just makes me think clean. Plus my dish soap is also yellow and I wanted them to match.

Total cost: $4.00 including soap.
Total Time: 30 minutes

Isn't it cute filled up? What kind of soap would you choose?
 Where would you put yours or who would you give it to?


  1. Another great use for mason jars!!!

    Would you mind sharing this on a new link party I host with 5 other blogs: Moonlight & Mason Jars Mondays! Mason jars? Appropriate, huh? :)

    We feature 5 blogs who link up every week. The party closes at midnight tomorrow. I know our readers will LOVE these! :)

    Jenn Pilgrim

  2. Hi Lisa! Found you through the blog hop! Thanks for co-hosting!! Your blog is beautiful!~~Angela

  3. Hi Lisa - thank you so much for co-hosting the hop and it's great to met you! Look forward to following you on Bloglovin and have a wonderful weekend! ~Cindy@littlemisscelebration.com

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