Friday, April 12, 2013

Maxi skirt tutorial

So I have this green maxi skirt and it allows me to look cute while still being comfortable. Which is a must when you are a parent of a toddler who loves to take off running constantly. So I desired it would be nice to have one that that was not as nice as my Calvin Kline one but still cute and comfortable. So I started off my going to Joanna fabrics and looking at their great selection of jersey knit fabrics. I found this great plum purple fabric that I loved and it was on sale from $12 a yard to $8 plus I had a coupon bringing it down to $4 a yard. I bought 3 years because I wanted some for a future project meaning that I got 3 yards for what it would have cost for 1 yard if it had not been on sale.

So what did I need for this project?
Material list
Jersey fabric
Tape measure
Sewing machine

First lay out what you will be using as your template. for me it was my green skirt.

Then you lay out your fabric and make sure it is smooth and not wrinkled.You are then going to lay your template over your fabric. This is where you need to decide if you want your skirt to have one or two seams. I decided that I only wanted one seam down the back of my skirt so I folded the fabric over double then layed my template out and cut along the unfolded side to make them the right width. You also need to remember to leave 1/4th to 1/2 inch for seam allowance. Then you cut the fabric in the right length.

Once this is done you will need to move to your sewing machine. I sewed the seam first but you could always sew the bottom first if you wanted. Since jersey knit fabric is so stretchy I made sure to use a zigzag stitch. Once I was done with the seam I moved to the bottom of the skirt. I folded over the bottom 1/4th of a inch ironed it and then folded it 1/4th of a inch and ironed it again to make sure I had a nice clean bottom to my skirt.

Once I was done with the bottom I cut my elastic to 1 inch smaller than my waist measured.I like to be sure that my skirt is not going to come down the second my son grabs it otherwise that could be quite embarrassing. Then I sewed one side of the elastic to the back seam. I made sure it was down enough that I could fold the fabric over the elastic and not sew the actual elastic. Make sure you continue to do this all the way around and once you get to the end of the elastic you will have to push the fabric down along it which will make a ruffle effect.Then continue doing this until the end of the elastic reached the back seam again. You will then sew that part of the elastic into the seam and close the top of the skirt. Now just flip it right side out and you are left with a cute new maxi skirt.

Isn't it cute? I love having something cute and comfortable to wear to the grocery store. This skirt took 1 hour to make. Not bad right? It only cost $12 and I still have a ton of fabric left over. Not to mention it is so easy that my sister who is totally not able to do crafts any harder than a 3rd grade level could do it. Send me pictures of your finished skirt!

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  1. Hi Lisa! thank you for visiting my blog and following me! Following you back! I used to sew everything when my kids were little but I have no ambition for it anymore. Great project!!!

  2. I've always wanted to learn how to sew. I guess it's not too late to learn. You make it look easy. :D

    1. Sewing is suprisingly easy. The machines they sell now practically do all the work for you. With a little practice you could be sewing in no time.

  3. Cute skirt. Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home.