Monday, April 8, 2013

Dirty dishes... Blessing or a curse?

So the one area of our apartment that truly bugs me if it is messy is the kitchen. It makes me feel like we are a bunch of pigs if it is not spick and span. Now many of you feel like the kitchen is your area of the house. You do the cooking so you also work to keep it clean. Well in our apartment that is not always the case. Usually my fiance cooks breakfast once a week on Sunday morning while i get ready for church and dinner once to twice a week while I am at bible study or have babysat that day.
I know I know I am very lucky to have a amazing man who can actually cook. I really am very very grateful to him for doing that and his food is amazing. However the part that I can not stand is when I leave the kitchen presentable and come home to this.  I feel as if I could lose my mind. I mean look at this huge mess. Who would want to come home to this? I realize he was nice enough to cook and that he made it easier for me to go have some me time but really? He could not have loaded the dish washer? So his feelings are that since I am the since he made a meal I can clean it up. Which would be nice if only he did the same thing and cleaned up after I made food.
Well that just was not going to be something that was going to happen so what is a girl to do?

Of course I always wind up cleaning it up and making sure that everything is put back where it goes by the time I go to bed.  So how do I do this three times a week without starting a fight? I look for the blessing amongst the dirty dishes. But what in the world could the blessing be? Well I came across this blog post by colorful cravings. I loved her quote on dirty dishes so much I decided to make my own with some paint, a wood plaque and some vinyl that I cut with my silhouette portrait. I think it turned out pretty cute and gives me just the reminder I need.

Twenty minutes later my kitchen is back to normal and I have kept my cool.
So how about you all, what is your pet peeve that your spouse/ significant other does? How do you get through them? What other blessings can you find in your daily chores?

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