Friday, May 24, 2013

Guest blogging over at double blessing boutique

Wednesday I spent my day over at Double Blessing Boutique. If you get a chance head on over to hear something alittle personal about my life growing up.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Missing in action, give away winner,and a free blogging workshop.

So so so sorry I have been MIA this week. I have been super sick and of course being sick and having a little one running around takes up all of your energy. But I am back now and hopefully will not be missing again anytime soon.

My first giveaway has finished and a winner has been drawn. Congrats Priscilla.

I came car across this blog workshop a few weeks ago and I have already learned so much I wanted to be sure to share it with all of you.

Sign Up For The Free 4-Week Online Blogging Class!

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Blogelina is once again offering her very popular 4-week blogging class — for FREE! This online class will be held in June 2013.

If you sign up for this free class, here’s what you’ll get:

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Save yourself a lot of time, trouble, and money – learn from my own experiences what to do and not to do.

Go here to sign up for the FREE 4-week blogging class.

Come back later and I will be sharing a couple topics her workshop teaches.
I am a affiliate of blogelina.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Target Gift Card Giveaway!

I finally have 30 followers on bloglovin so as a thank you to all of you wonderful people who are following me I wanted to have a little give away.
Who does not love Target.
As a mom I think I am there once a week if not more.
I always leave with atleast one thing I did not go there for.
So This gift card if for your one thing you did not go in there for.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

DIY cute and cheap storage boxes

I have been doing my best to organize our apartment. However, I was not willing to spend to much money to do so. Which is why I decided to make my own storage boxes. 
I have a pretty good supply of boxes from our trips to Costco lately. You can also find boxes behind most grocery stores. I ran to target and grabbed some cute contact paper. 
Contact paper is used to line the inside of shelves. It is almost like wall paper. 
You can get a big roll for $5 at target.They also sell contact paper at dollar tree but do not have much of a selection. Home depot and Lowe's also have good supplies of contact paper. 
First I had to wrap my box and make sure I had enough to reach all the way around before I cut the section I planned to use. 
You want it to hang over on the top and bottom. Unpeal the backing from the wrap in small sections and smooth one section out before continuing to pull off the back and apply more. This will save the contact paper from wrinkling. If you can get a extra set of hands use them but they are not necessary.
Wrap the bottom of the box like you would a present.
Cut the top over hang at all four corners down to the box. Then fold the corners in.
Be sure to pull tight and smooth it out as you go.
When you are done you have a much prettier box to store things in. Come back next week to see what I used these boxes for and what else I used the contact paper to spruce up.
What do you need to organize?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fridge full but have no food?

My fridge has been bugging me for such a long time. It is messy and not organized and I was certain that there was expired food in there. I can not get over how bad it looks and how little food there actually is in there when it looks like a ton.

The freezer is just as bad.

So I decided to do something about  it. I removed everything on the fridge door first so that I can clean up the spilled orange juice and put everything back neater.

See how gross that is? Yuck!

So now it is much better!

Look how nice that door looks now!!

Then I took everything out from top shelf to bottom shelf and washed each shelf.
You see those sheets to the left? Yes those are to write down what is in the fridge and when they expire. That way I will not be worried about food going to waste. I just highlight what expires that month and add new foods to the list when I get them from the store. You can get the printable I use for free from mommy-mode.
Look I have a empty shelf!

 Not much food in here but it is much better.

I guess it is time to go grocery shopping.
How does your fridge look? Any where else you need to clean out?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My wedding planning thus far.

Today is exactly 200 days until I marry the most amazing guy in the world. While I am very excited, it just makes me realize I have a lot more work to do to get ready.
Well in order to find out what I still have to do I had to look at what I have done.
So what have I done?
Well first I started with pintrest. Where I found a picture that I fell in love with and so did Amazing Fiance. This picture has inspired everything for my wedding.
Don't those colors look so amazing together?
I love them. So our colors were set, navy blue, teal, and a deep purple.
After doing this I looked at a lot of venues. None of them held up to what I had always wanted, but I thought that what I wanted was way out of budget. Turns out not so much.
I am getting married and having my reception at a venue I fell in love with as a little girl.
The Mission Inn in Riverside California.
It is beautiful.

The inside is even better. 
This video has a peak at my reception area as well. The Spanish Art Gallery.
The selling point for me has always been the chapel.

That entrance is to die for. Want to see the inside where their is a alter of gold?


I just can not wait to be getting married there. Every time I look at it I love it more and more.
When I was done with the venue it was time to look at the preferred vendors list and find a DJ and photographer. When looking for all my vendors I have been sure to look up their reviews online first. My photographer had such high reviews I did not even email any other photographers. But then I found out he does not edit any photographs and I get the pictures on a disk that night. OK so how great could these images look? Well you watch the video and tell me.

When I was done with the DJ and Photographer it was time to find my dress. I was not crazy about it at first then they added straps to it and it is my dream dress. You will have to come back after my wedding to see it though. I then continued on to finding my bridesmaids dresses.
I wanted something fun. My wedding is a rustic theme and everyone in it is wearing cowboy boots so the dresses had to work with the boots.
I think my girls picked the perfect dress for the job.
They are all so cute in them.
I then picked a bakery to make our cake which we were lucky to have included in our package with the mission inn. I only had to pay for extras which came out to $95. Not bad for a wedding cake!
This leaves me at when I took some time off from planning.
Now it is time to kick my butt in gear and get planning again.
This week I had everyone give me my lists and we are way over the amount of people I am able to have attend. My reception room seats 120 and we are over 200 people. YIKES!!!
So I had to narrow it down to family only for save the dates and now I need to set up a time to get photos taken so that we can get them out right away.
Hopefully at least 30 of those will reply with regrets because we are at 150 people that are just family for both sides and that is not all of the families.
Thursday I have a meeting with a florist to see about flowers.
I also need to:
Find a officiant
Pick Save The Dates
Pick invites
Figure out lighting
Find a makeup and hair person
Go to a food tasting.
Looks like it will be a busy month for me.
What was your favorite part of wedding planning?
What would you do over?

Friday, May 3, 2013

Favorite part of my apartment

If you look at pinterests home section you are bound to come across a photo wall at some point. They keep becoming more and more popular. However when it comes to putting one up in your own home it can be quite a challange to make it not only look right but incorperate everything you want into it.
I had been looking at photo walls for a very long time. One thing I noticed, none of them had shelves, none of them had candles, and none of them were anything close to what I was looking for.

I did not want to have a bunch of the same sized frames on a wall. While it deffinitly makes it easy for the wall to flow I wanted shelves and collage frames and as many pictures as I could get up because this was going to be the only place in our apartment I was putting pictures up on the wall. It had to be just right and having everything the same size just was not going to work.

I then decided that the best way to make the things I wanted to be up on the wall work together was to play with them untill I was happy with how they looked. This took several days of adjusting. I layed them out on the floor until I was happy with how they looked. One trick that I found to make everything come together  the best was to be sure that each picture frame atleast lined up with one other frame. This gave the wall a flow. It made everything seem to fit together when it should not be able to work together.

Once I figured this part out it came time to put it up on the wall. You need to figure out where on the wall you want the photos to go. Do you want them to be over top of something or in the middle of the wall or off to a side of the wall. I put ours up right over our couch.

Now comes the fun part. You can look all over the internet to find ways to put these things up. You could measure the distance to where the nail goes. You do this with tape and a ruler. Or you can use paper cute to the shape of the picture frames.

How ever you decide to do it do not use the tooth paste method. It was way to messy.

What is your favorite part of your house?

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bloglovin' and blog hopping Thursday!

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