Thursday, April 18, 2013

What the Wick

I use candles a lot in our apartment. I seem to always have at least one burning at all times while I am home. I happened to come across some candles at bath and body works and they have now become my two favorites. Whoever would have thought that lemon and mint would go so nice together? It makes my kitchen smell lovely.

I also came across three little candles that I liked at Michaels earlier in the year when all their candles were 50% off. However with these three I have had the same problem. When they get about half way burned through the wick falls out of its little metal holder and comes out of the wax. 

So what was I to do? I could not very well just throw out three candles. So I thought I would show you all how I have managed to get all three burning again. 

First, you need to get the wax out of the candle. I use my fiancĂ©’s screw driver together the wax out by scraping it from around the sides. 


Then I took a candle plate and dumped all the wax out onto it so that I would still have it.


 I took the metal part that holds the wick and pulled it out of the glass. You are going to need to get all the wax out of the inside part where the wick should be. The best way to do this is to peel the hot glue from the bottom of it and then stick a toothpick through it.

Then I got some twine and cut a piece about two inches long. I used jute twine that came three rolls together at the dollar tree.

  I pulled the twine through the middle of the wick holder. Then I tied a knot in the bottom of the twine a cut off extra below the knot. Then you are going to get the hot glue and restick the entire thing to the bottom of the candle jar.


Once that dries you want to start restuffing the candle jar with wax. 

Once all the wax is back in the jar you will need to heat it up in the microwave. Put it in for a minute at a time and check it until the wax is partially melted. Yes I realize you are putting metal in the microwave so you are going to want to stay close to the microwave. Or if you are not as laid back stupid as me you can heat the wax in a glass container and poor it the jar as it melts.

Then you are going to push the non melted wax into the melted wax. This will make it melt as well. 

Once most of the wax is melted use the screw driver or a toothpick to make sure the wick is still stuck to the bottom. Once most of the wax is watery you can stick the entire candle into the freezer to harden.

 Once it is hard (should be about a half hour) you can remove it from the freezer. It is now good as new. What are some of your favorite candles?


  1. My favorite is Trapp Orange Vanilla! Life to the full! Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

    1. That sounds like a good one I will have to find one of those.