Monday, April 15, 2013

Paper pileup on highway Sauter

The amount of papers that we have acquired since moving into our apartment in December is unbelievable. Finally after letting all our paper stack up and stashing them in different parts of our house I decided it was time to get them organized and filed. So I bought these red, green, and blue file folders from target on clearance.

I then had to dig out all the piles of papers that we have just stuffed in places to keep it out of the way. These are only three of our 10 piles. Yes, I know we should have got it all sorted out months ago. The sad part was the amount of this stuff that could have been thrown out. Once I put the ten piles all together, I sorted them out and put like items into piles.
Then it was time to pull out the folders. I started labeling them based on what was in our piles of paper.

The folders I ended up with were: receipts, bills, preschool paperwork, home school curriculum, church/bible study paperwork, cards, owner’s manuals, apartment documents, tax returns, legalzoom, and paystubs.

Yes, we have preschool paperwork and home school curriculum all for one child. He does both. I promise a post on why we do this soon.

I scored this file cabinet from my grandmother’s house after she passed away. My plan is to change the locks, handles, and label plates after I paint it. However, I cannot paint it until it stops raining and with this back and forth weather who knows.

What are you letting pile up in your life that you can tackle today?


  1. I need to be inspired to do some organizing myself! Life to the full! Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

    1. Organizing is one of those things that feels like a chore to me. It takes me forever to make the time to do it. It is easier when I find someone to hold me accountable for it.

  2. I have mounds of magazines!! You know, gotta keep them for inspiration! LOL Love your blog. New follower from the bloglovin hop! Thanks so much for joining us. Have a wonderful week. :)


    1. I have not even got to my magazines yet. Thank you for following me =)