Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Little piece of Heaven

Every few months I head on down the coast to this beautiful little beach town in southern California. It is almost to San Diego. La Jolla Cove is my little sanctuary. Luckily for me it is close enough that if I wanted to head down there just to stay a night I could. This is the view from my bench that I can sit for hours and watch.
There is nothing I wouldn't do to have this be my view everyday. Unfortunately for me houses in La Jolla are millions of dollars. Some days it amazes me what beautiful, amazing, and powerful things God has made for our enjoyment. I do not pay attention to it as often as I should, I don't think any of us really do. however, when I go to on vacation here it really sinks in.
La Jolla cove is a protected beach meaning you are not supposed to take things from the beach, you can not fish there, and you can not feed the animals. It is almost like the fish and sea lions know that it is protected because they all flock there. This makes for some amazing snorkeling.
What better way to enjoy what God has made for us then having that one place you can go and just shut yourself off from the world?
What is your little piece of heaven?

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