Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What do you mean you didnt have time to wash the sheets??!!!

Amazing Fiance has been harping on me about how I have poor time management skills. I think men just do not know what all us stay at home mommies have to do in the day. They do not realize that moms, specially moms of toddler boys, take 45minutes to do something that would normally take 15 minutes to do. Not getting around to wash the bed sheets that had been peed on in the middle of the night shortly after monkey boy crawled into bed with us was the reason this was brought up again yesterday in our house. it went something like this:
AF:" what do you mean you didn't wash the sheets today? What do you do all day that you couldn't take the 5minutes to put the sheets into the washer?"
Me: "well it has been a busy day!"
AF:" so busy you couldn't wash the sheets? All you do all day is sit on the couch how could you not have time to wash the sheets?"

Well lets take you back to the start of my day:

I was up at 7am got monkey man up made breakfast and got him eating. Ran into the bathroom got my make up on and got dressed. Went and got monkey boys clothes from his room plus the extra set of clothes that I had to get together since he had spilled water all over himself at preschool on Friday and no longer had a change of clothes. Got those put into a bag and labeled with his name. Went and got monkey man cleaned up dressed for the day and brushed his teeth. Spent 5 minutes looking for his rabbit because heaven forbid we leave the house without it.

Took 10 minutes to get monkey man to walk down to the garage and finally buckled into the car seat. Backed out of the garage and started driving to preschool and saw a sign reminding me it is earth day. Smack my self upside the head and head to home depot because I forgot to buy a flower for monkey man to plant at school.

Get to school and now have no where to park because it is 3 minutes till he needs to be in class. Walk the quarter mile from the far parking lot to the office stopping every 5 steps so that monkey man can look at something else.

Finally I make it to the office. It is 8:49am and we are officially 4 minutes late. I take monkey man into the office for his health check so that he can get his name tag. We get our name tag and start to head to his class when he realizes rabbit didn't get his health check. We go back and rabbit is checked. Finally we head to class.

I spend the next 2 hours helping kids plant flowers for earth day. I am tired and realize I still haven't had coffee this morning. I go to Starbucks and wait in line behind 10 cars. twenty minutes later I am on my way back to monkey mans school for their earth day performance. Get to the school and am able to park right in front of the school. I walk in and still have 10 minutes till their performance. I start to check my emails and the assistant teacher in monkey mans class comes out and finds me. "monkey man just threw up everywhere." "Are you sure it was him he has never thrown up in his life and has been his normal self all day." As we walk back to the class I see monkey man sitting on the carpet covered in vomit.

Spend the next 15 minutes getting monkey man cleaned up and changed into the extra clothes that I had just brought that morning and clean up any vomit on the floor. Leave the room and realize the earth day performance is over.

We climb into the car and drive to Von's to pick up some pull ups and ginger ale in case this is the stomach flu. Pray that this is not the stomach flu on the way back to the apartment. Get back to the apartment and carry monkey man inside and realize he is starting to feel a little warm but not enough to be a fever and is very pale.

Once I get monkey man settled, changed into a pull up just in case, I put on his shows get him tucked into the couch with his rabbit and blanket and head to the kitchen to get him some ginger ale. Open the ginger ale and it explodes everywhere. Spend 5 minutes wiping up the kitchen and finally get monkey man some to drink. I take his clothes into the laundry room and get them started because they are really starting to stink.

Just as I am starting the laundry I hear monkey man throw up again. I run out hopping that it is on the towel I put in front of him or in the trash in front of him but have no such luck. Get him all cleaned up and washed off and realize he if really warm now. Look for a thermometer for 10 minutes and finally find one in a box we still haven't unpacked. Realize it doesn't work anymore and toss it. Find and give monkey man some children's Tylenol. Head back and clean up the couch and carpet.

Get monkey man settled back down and get him an new blanket. Go to the laundry and switch the clothes over and put the newly puked on clothes and blanket in the washer. Check on monkey man and he begs me to cuddle him. By now it is 2pm.

Cuddle monkey man for a half hour and then get back up to get dinner figured out. Monkey man starts complaining that his tummy hurts again. Get him some more ginger ale and gather more towels just in case. Sit with him again till his tummy settles a little and feel that he is still warm. Head to the bathroom and get a wet wash cloth and start wiping him down while he is crying.

Spend the next hour holding and singing to him in hopes that he will fall asleep. It is 3:30pm.
I get a phone call that wakes monkey man up again. It is a lady at my table group for my moms group saying that she cant make it tomorrow and wont be able to bring the table gift. Hang up the phone and start to see if i have anything around the apartment that I could take as a table gift and just quick drop off. I don't find anything. I call my mom and she agrees to go to target and pick some stuff up to make purse kits for the woman. While we are talking monkey man throws up again and this time he has stuff coming out both ends.

While I get him cleaned up yet again he finally is starting to cool down and perk up a little bit. I get the laundry switched over yet again and go back to cuddling my poor sick boy. It is now almost 5pm.
My mom comes over and we get the kits put together and she leaves while monkey man is sleeping.
I realize I still haven't got anything together for dinner but before I can get to it monkey man is back awake and wanting to cuddle.

Before I know it it is 6:30pm and AF is home. The house is not cleaned up, the sheets have not been washed, and I did not think of anything for dinner. Luckily, AF does not say anything and we get threw the night and get monkey man to bed in our bed. We watch a movie on the couch and when it is over we head to bed. It is 11:00pm. I pick up monkey man to put him in his bed and the bed is soaked, he is soaked, and the blankets are you guessed it soaked. So with both the normal and extra set of sheets peed on including some pillows and both blankets the world came crashing down.

So, I am doing some research on creating a daily schedule and I am hoping that I will have that done in the next few days as long as monkey man starts feeling better. Do you have a daily routine? What are the things you try to make sure to get to during the day? What is a normal day in your life?

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