Sunday, April 7, 2013

Wedding blues...

So lately I have been kind of over the whole wedding planning thing. I have just been worn out between being a mom and taking care of my other responsibilities I just have not been that excited. I guess part of me is punishing myself for doing things out of order.
It has never mattered to me before. I know my God loves me, he forgives me, and he would never want me to feel this way. However, the women who run my mothers group feel another way. They feel that because I am not yet married and have a child I should not be in a higher role in leadership then I am. So while I understand where they are coming from and I know that the bible says what I did was wrong, I also do not feel as if I should have been punished for the things I did three years ago, which was before I found my way back to Christ.
 I love my moms group and I know that this situation has put many of them in a awkward place. So while I would never fault any of them for sharing their concerns with me, I am still feeling hurt. These women have had such a huge impact on my life all I wanted was the opportunity to do the same for someone else.
So yes I am having a hard time getting out of this funk and getting the planning for my wedding done. It was not supposed to be this way, planning my wedding to the most amazing man in the world is one of the most exciting things I should ever do in my life and both he and I deserve for me to be excited and enjoying this. So from now on I am going to get out of this funk. I am going to call the invitation place and the florist and my wedding planner tomorrow and work on getting back on board.

So how about any of you that might come along and read this, what funk have you been in lately? Did you have any moments in your wedding planning where you wished it was just over with and you were married already? How did you get out of your funk? Leave me a comment and let me know you stopped by. I will return the favor.


  1. Oh Lisa, I'm sorry to hear your feelings were hurt, and as a result your mojo for your wedding was diminished. Sometimes expectations are so high for events and celebrations in our lives that it's hard to live up to. Reality bites.

    Sometimes when we are just not feelin' the love for whatever it is, we need to step back and let those feelings be boss for a while. Let those feelings have their way. When the time is right, you will be able to put those feelings into perspective and kick them to the curb and the joy will reappear.

    Concentrate on the blessings you have and what your wedding symbolizes, but there is something I want to say and you may certainly take it with a grain of salt...sometimes weddings can be more productions than celebrations and the couples that are the most calm and at peace are the ones that keep their wedding simple, maybe even choosing not to have a traditional wedding at all and get married on the beach, just the two of them.

    Whatever you do, stay strong and be happy!

    1. I deffinitly have been having high expectations for this wedding. If I had my way I would deffinitly have jsut ran off and got married just the two of us. However, we both come from large families and they are all expecting a big wedding. 120 people and that is just family. Stay tuned for a update on wedding plans, should be up in the next week.