Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My wedding planning thus far.

Today is exactly 200 days until I marry the most amazing guy in the world. While I am very excited, it just makes me realize I have a lot more work to do to get ready.
Well in order to find out what I still have to do I had to look at what I have done.
So what have I done?
Well first I started with pintrest. Where I found a picture that I fell in love with and so did Amazing Fiance. This picture has inspired everything for my wedding.
Don't those colors look so amazing together?
I love them. So our colors were set, navy blue, teal, and a deep purple.
After doing this I looked at a lot of venues. None of them held up to what I had always wanted, but I thought that what I wanted was way out of budget. Turns out not so much.
I am getting married and having my reception at a venue I fell in love with as a little girl.
The Mission Inn in Riverside California.
It is beautiful.

The inside is even better. 
This video has a peak at my reception area as well. The Spanish Art Gallery.
The selling point for me has always been the chapel.

That entrance is to die for. Want to see the inside where their is a alter of gold?


I just can not wait to be getting married there. Every time I look at it I love it more and more.
When I was done with the venue it was time to look at the preferred vendors list and find a DJ and photographer. When looking for all my vendors I have been sure to look up their reviews online first. My photographer had such high reviews I did not even email any other photographers. But then I found out he does not edit any photographs and I get the pictures on a disk that night. OK so how great could these images look? Well you watch the video and tell me.

When I was done with the DJ and Photographer it was time to find my dress. I was not crazy about it at first then they added straps to it and it is my dream dress. You will have to come back after my wedding to see it though. I then continued on to finding my bridesmaids dresses.
I wanted something fun. My wedding is a rustic theme and everyone in it is wearing cowboy boots so the dresses had to work with the boots.
I think my girls picked the perfect dress for the job.
They are all so cute in them.
I then picked a bakery to make our cake which we were lucky to have included in our package with the mission inn. I only had to pay for extras which came out to $95. Not bad for a wedding cake!
This leaves me at when I took some time off from planning.
Now it is time to kick my butt in gear and get planning again.
This week I had everyone give me my lists and we are way over the amount of people I am able to have attend. My reception room seats 120 and we are over 200 people. YIKES!!!
So I had to narrow it down to family only for save the dates and now I need to set up a time to get photos taken so that we can get them out right away.
Hopefully at least 30 of those will reply with regrets because we are at 150 people that are just family for both sides and that is not all of the families.
Thursday I have a meeting with a florist to see about flowers.
I also need to:
Find a officiant
Pick Save The Dates
Pick invites
Figure out lighting
Find a makeup and hair person
Go to a food tasting.
Looks like it will be a busy month for me.
What was your favorite part of wedding planning?
What would you do over?

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  1. I recently was a brisdesmaid at a wedding with very similar dresses. I loves my dress! Best wishes for your special day, and every day after.