Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fridge full but have no food?

My fridge has been bugging me for such a long time. It is messy and not organized and I was certain that there was expired food in there. I can not get over how bad it looks and how little food there actually is in there when it looks like a ton.

The freezer is just as bad.

So I decided to do something about  it. I removed everything on the fridge door first so that I can clean up the spilled orange juice and put everything back neater.

See how gross that is? Yuck!

So now it is much better!

Look how nice that door looks now!!

Then I took everything out from top shelf to bottom shelf and washed each shelf.
You see those sheets to the left? Yes those are to write down what is in the fridge and when they expire. That way I will not be worried about food going to waste. I just highlight what expires that month and add new foods to the list when I get them from the store. You can get the printable I use for free from mommy-mode.
Look I have a empty shelf!

 Not much food in here but it is much better.

I guess it is time to go grocery shopping.
How does your fridge look? Any where else you need to clean out?

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