Friday, May 3, 2013

Favorite part of my apartment

If you look at pinterests home section you are bound to come across a photo wall at some point. They keep becoming more and more popular. However when it comes to putting one up in your own home it can be quite a challange to make it not only look right but incorperate everything you want into it.
I had been looking at photo walls for a very long time. One thing I noticed, none of them had shelves, none of them had candles, and none of them were anything close to what I was looking for.

I did not want to have a bunch of the same sized frames on a wall. While it deffinitly makes it easy for the wall to flow I wanted shelves and collage frames and as many pictures as I could get up because this was going to be the only place in our apartment I was putting pictures up on the wall. It had to be just right and having everything the same size just was not going to work.

I then decided that the best way to make the things I wanted to be up on the wall work together was to play with them untill I was happy with how they looked. This took several days of adjusting. I layed them out on the floor until I was happy with how they looked. One trick that I found to make everything come together  the best was to be sure that each picture frame atleast lined up with one other frame. This gave the wall a flow. It made everything seem to fit together when it should not be able to work together.

Once I figured this part out it came time to put it up on the wall. You need to figure out where on the wall you want the photos to go. Do you want them to be over top of something or in the middle of the wall or off to a side of the wall. I put ours up right over our couch.

Now comes the fun part. You can look all over the internet to find ways to put these things up. You could measure the distance to where the nail goes. You do this with tape and a ruler. Or you can use paper cute to the shape of the picture frames.

How ever you decide to do it do not use the tooth paste method. It was way to messy.

What is your favorite part of your house?

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  1. I like the idea of cutting paper to the frame size to figure out the arrangement. I hate to measure, not sure why though.

    Glad you found the solution for your picture wall, it looks Good!