Thursday, May 9, 2013

DIY cute and cheap storage boxes

I have been doing my best to organize our apartment. However, I was not willing to spend to much money to do so. Which is why I decided to make my own storage boxes. 
I have a pretty good supply of boxes from our trips to Costco lately. You can also find boxes behind most grocery stores. I ran to target and grabbed some cute contact paper. 
Contact paper is used to line the inside of shelves. It is almost like wall paper. 
You can get a big roll for $5 at target.They also sell contact paper at dollar tree but do not have much of a selection. Home depot and Lowe's also have good supplies of contact paper. 
First I had to wrap my box and make sure I had enough to reach all the way around before I cut the section I planned to use. 
You want it to hang over on the top and bottom. Unpeal the backing from the wrap in small sections and smooth one section out before continuing to pull off the back and apply more. This will save the contact paper from wrinkling. If you can get a extra set of hands use them but they are not necessary.
Wrap the bottom of the box like you would a present.
Cut the top over hang at all four corners down to the box. Then fold the corners in.
Be sure to pull tight and smooth it out as you go.
When you are done you have a much prettier box to store things in. Come back next week to see what I used these boxes for and what else I used the contact paper to spruce up.
What do you need to organize?


  1. Love this idea, might be good use for my hoard. I nominated you for a Liebster Award, you can check it out at

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