Monday, July 22, 2013

Twine wrapped sea Glass Bottles

 I love to re purpose anything I can get my hands on. I loved the shape of these bottles and knew I wanted to do something decorative with them so I gathered some supplies.

I first grabbed some modge podge and food coloring to stain the glass. Careful, this can get messy. I recommend wearing gloves if you have anywhere to go the next day.
First you will want to mix some modge podge and food coloring.
 I am doing one bottle teal and another blue just so you can see there is not much difference.
You want to do very thin coats of this mixture.
 This is one layer on each bottle with about 20 of dry time on the right one.
 Two layers on the right one.
 Three layers on both and you want to make sure your final layer is up and down. More on why later. The left one is the blue and the right is the teal.

Wrap up your paint surface and the plate with the dye to prevent it from getting on anything and toss it in the trash.
I painted two of them in a purple and did not do the final layer up and down so you can see why it has to be up and down for the final. The blue has now had a half hour to dry after its final layer.
Leave them to dry overnight.
These are the two blue ones again the left is the regular blue and the right is the teal. Not much difference.
This is how the purple two dried. With streaks all the way down the bottom. If you forget to go up and down you can sand the dye off and paint them again.
For the second half of the craft I gathered my supplies.
The blue bottles, glue gun and hot glue, scissors, and some twine that I got from the dollar tree. This twine is a dollar for three rolls and can be used for anything. I did not even use half of one of the rolls for both bottles.
You want to wrap the twine around the bottle once at the point that you want it to go the highest. Put a drop of glue and use the scissors to push where the strings meet into the glue. Careful it is hot.

 Continue wrapping the bottle and then pushing the twine up until it is close together.
As you get closer to the bottom it is going to be harder to wrap.
When you get to the bottom you will need to hot glue the last two layers of twine to the bottle by using scissors to push the twine into the glue.
You then want to do one more layer on the bottom of the bottle.
 The bottle will then have a layer of twine that it is resting on for the bottom.
 Make sure it is glued down good.

Push the cut off end into the glue with the scissors, then let the glue dry. 
You will be left with a very cute bottle to use as a vase for a fake flower, might get messy with water in it, or just a bottle for decoration.

It should be able to sit perfectly flat even though there is twine on the bottom.

Again the left is the blue and the right is the teal. This photo makes it easier to tell the difference than in real life.  You could always wrap the bottles with yarn or anything else you wish or just leave them dyed.
This craft took less than a hour of my time for painting two bottles and wrapping two bottles.
What color would you have picked for your bottles?































  1. Thank you for the helpful information on how to dye glass. This will be so helpful when I am ready to dye my mason jars. Your twine wrapped bottles are so cute!

    ~Courtney from Barefoot in Blue Jeans

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